Don’t miss a unique opportunity to market your organization- put your logo on private label water.  Take bottled water, the world’s most popular beverage and turn it into an interesting and effective promotional product.  Liquid Promotions offers your business or organization a wide array of water bottle labels on a classy sleek eco-friendly bottle that contains refreshing spring water from mountains of North Georgia.  Our custom bottled water is a healthy way to instill a quality impression at a reasonable cost. Water bottle labels make a great marketing tool!

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  • Pure Refreshing Spring Water that is bottled at the source
  • See Our Eco Friendly Promotional Bottled Water
  • Water Bottle Labels with  A High quality look & design
  • We have the best water bottle labels because they’re customized for your business
  • Waterproof Labels That Won’t Let Your Logo Peel Away
  • Branded Bottled Water Increases Your Brand Awareness
  • Promote, Impress, Profit

Brand Your Thirst!

Custom Labeled Bottled Water by Liquid Promotions will help generate more revenue and help your business stay in front of your target market- by literally putting bottled water with your logo in the hands of your next customer. If you want to make a refreshing impression with your prospects, hand them promotional bottle water. Our Custom Labeled Bottled Water will do just that– impress and refresh. We are proud to satisfy all needs of custom water bottle labels in Georgia not just in metro Atlanta, but all of Georgia from Athens to Savannah and Augusta to Columbus. In fact, we provide personalized water bottles to businesses all around the country. We’ve got clients in Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, you name it.
Call our product by whatever name you like:  label water, private label water, personalized bottle water, water bottle labels  or custom bottle water- we help you make a great first impression. Call us to get an idea about pricing for promotional bottled water. Order today!
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