Custom Water Bottle Labels To Promote Your Business

You know that it takes a lot to brand your business and get your logo in front of your target market. It’s a costly effort in both time and money. But what about the possibility of putting your business logo directly in the hands of your prospects? That’s where putting your business on a beautiful water bottle label makes sense. 

At Liquid Promotions, we specialize in exactly that- meeting multiple needs for your target market. Your customers get thirsty. Meet their needs with a bottle of refreshing cool spring water. While they’re drinking, they see your business displayed on the label. That’s the true definition of promotional bottled water!

Whether you’re a business owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma City or anywhere else in Oklahoma, it’s time to consider using one of the most effective promotional marketing vehicles known. Using custom water bottle labels influences people because it meets their direct needs while helping them consider other needs that your business meets. 

Consider The Exposure Of Promotional Bottled Water

What’s your advertising worth? A commercial on TV costs thousands to produce and even more to air. A radio spot runs slightly less but still in the thousands. What’s a print ad cost these days? Even more importantly, how long do people spend noticing these ads? Seconds? (if that). It takes the average person 8 to 10 minutes to drink a bottle of water which gives your business the most exposure of any other form of marketing. With promotional bottled water, you’re literally putting your business in the face of prospects.

water bottle labels Oklahoma City Oklahoma, water bottle labels Tulsa OklahomaMost people don’t stop to consider that custom water bottle labels are regarded as one of the most effective tools for promoting your business. Using promotional bottled water  influence consumers because they are unique. Not only can they be distributed at events but at any venue or office environment. The fact is  everyone drinks water and bottled water has become the norm. Regardless of the season or the type of business you are operating custom labeled bottled water should be included as part of your marketing plan. 

Liquid Promotions realizes it is crucial to offer your clients unique products that  will lead to more sales. When these bottles are used daily they give your business, brand or company the greatest exposure.

We provide the best in quality, style and affordability when it comes to custom water bottle labels. The labels available are water resistant to protect against peeling and our bottles are sleek not grooved. The tops are transparent to provide greater visibility of the label. 

Whether your business is based out of Boston or Worcester, Liquid Promotions can help you promote your business! Call Today!

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