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custom water bottles New Orleans Louisiana, water bottle labels Houston TexasBrand Your Business With Custom Bottle Labels

If you spend time with your clients, take care of all their needs with custom bottle labels for your promotional bottled water. We all get thirsty. Liquid Promotions has the perfect way to help you brand your business and refresh your customers. Handing them a bottle of water with your business logo on it filled with crisp, clean spring water is a way to make a great impression and add value to what you do.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been working with business owners in a variety of industries to help them make a lasting impression as well as extend the reach of their brand. It’s more than a marketing vehicle. It’s a way to increase your visibility while striking a high end, professional tone with your clients. Let everything you do create a lasting impression on your work. A custom water bottle says that you’re professional and makes a refreshing impression.

water bottle labels Dallas Texas, custom labeled bottled water Houston TexasWhen you put custom labeled bottled water in the hands of your next customer, you expose that person to your brand for longer than most other marketing vehicles. The average person takes anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes to drink a bottle of water whereas a radio or TV commercial lasts 30-60 seconds, a billboard lasts less, etc. When you use customized water bottles to increase your brand awareness, you’re literally putting your business logo in the face of your next customer.

Liquid Promotions works to design an elegant marketing solution with 3-D labels, ultra clear labels and more. Our waterproof water bottle labels will make your business look good right out of the ice whereas other water bottle labels tear, wrinkle and look terrible.

We have custom bottled water for all kinds of events too! Ask about our biodegradable and recyclable bottled waters. Whether it’s a corporate or community event, personalized bottled water or just providing water for customers in your waiting room, Liquid Promotions can help. We can ship all over the South including cities like Nashville, Alexandria, Memphis, it doesn’t matter where you are–we’re here for you! We’re affordable, eco-friendly and professional. Call for a free consultation today!

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