Custom Labeled Bottled Water Solutions Available in Louisville, KY

Custom Labeled Bottled Water Louisville KYIf custom labeled bottled water is peaking your interest as a potential marketing solution for your business, you’ve got the right idea. There is no beverage in the world that outsells bottled water, other than beer, and it is used in almost every environment imaginable. Plus, unlike other expensive advertising vehicles such as TV and radio commercials that only last between 30 and 60 seconds, it takes the average person eight to 12 minutes to drink an entire bottle of water, giving it significantly more branding exposure. At Liquid Promotions, we know how to take full advantage of this marketing tool by providing Louisville, Kentucky, business owners with custom labeled water bottle solutions that are attractive, affordable, and effective.

At Liquid Promotions, we provide Louisville, KY, business owners with custom labeled water bottles that stand apart from the competition in many ways. For instance, we use bottles with a sleek and smooth design that is absent of ridges that look unsightly and would otherwise cheapen the appearance. We also use clear caps instead of white, since we know they detract the eye away from the label on the bottles. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of our bottles, however, are the labels, which are available in virtually unlimited color options and a number of stunning styles that are sure to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Furthermore, the quality of our bottled water is of the utmost importance, which is why we make sure it has undergone:

  • Rigorous purification processes
  • Reliable sanitization and testing procedures
  • Strict quality control measures

Contact Liquid Promotions today to learn more about the custom labeled bottled water solutions we provide business owners in the Louisville, KY, area. We would be happy to provide you with samples upon request.

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