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custom water bottle labels Memphis Tennessee, water bottle labels Dallas TexasStop and think for a minute which marketing tool gives you the most exposure to your target audience? Radio commercials get you 15 seconds of exposure. TV ads give you 30-60 seconds. Both are expensive for most marketing budgets. Our custom water bottle labels literally put your business logo in the hands of your next customer. When you put your business logo on our promotional bottled water and hand out them out to prospects, that puts your business literally in the face of potential customers for 8-10 minutes as they drink that bottle of water.

Our job at Liquid Promotions is to help you increase your brand awareness for your business. We create elegant water bottle labels with the specific goal of attracting the eyes to your logo.

The Science Behind Our Water Bottle Labels

custom water bottles Raleigh North Carolina, personalized water bottles New Orleans LouisianaMost people don’t think about bottled water like we do here at Liquid Promotions. For more than 5 years, we’ve been studying what we can do to help you increase your brand awareness.

First, we’re thinking about the environment as much as we are about marketing your business. All of our custom water bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which means they are 100% recyclable and completely biodegradable. In fact, the bottles we use are themselves made from post-consumer plastic.

Our caps are translucent for a reason. Personalized water bottle labels typically has white caps which draw the eye away from your logo. Our bottled water always has clear caps so all the attention goes to the label.

Our bottles are always smooth. Why? Because ribbed bottles break up the design of the label while smooth bottles have more surface area for the labels and look more elegant.

Finally, we put a lot of thought and creativity into our custom water bottle labels. Each label is made specifically for the client, and all our bottles come with waterproof water bottle labels. This means they don’t peel or wrinkle when we, and your logo always looks great.

Water Bottle Labels For Any Business

We offer a variety of water bottle sizes for whatever is appropriate for your business. Are you handing out custom water bottle labels from your mini fridge in your waiting room? We have 8 ounce bottles available. Are you promoting your business at a big conference? We have 16.9 ounce bottles available.

We also have a variety of water bottle labels as well. Our standard labels always look good, but we also have ultra clear to make your logo pop on the bottle. Want something even better? Take a look at our 3-D labels. If you have a country club, imagine being able to look at an image of one of your greens through the 3-D label. That type of custom water bottle will get you noticed.

Promotional Water Bottles Throughout The South

Liquid Promotions provides custom water bottle labels to companies throughout the south- from Texas to Florida and up to Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. We work with all types of businesses from car dealerships, golf courses, business with waiting rooms and all kinds of businesses that want to market themselves at conferences. We can ship our water bottles anywhere within reason.

For most businesses, brand awareness is the number one goal.  Let Liquid Promotions help your company by putting your business logo directly in the hands of your next customer. Our custom water bottle labels will help you stand out and get noticed. Browse our website for examples of our promotional bottled water and see for yourself how impressive we can make your business look.

water bottle labels Houston Texas, water bottle labels, Charlotte North Carolina

Located in Atlanta Georgia, we provide custom labeled bottled water for clients throughout the South including Houston, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee. Click here for information about custom bottled water in Louisiana.

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