Bottled water is without a doubt essential. Keeping this in mind don’t you want to market your company to  reach it’s maximum potential. Let Liquid Promotions help you make a refreshing impression with a custom water bottle with your logo on it to promote your business. Our water bottle labels turns heads!

Water Bottle Labels Macon Georgia, custom water bottle labels Richmond VirginiaIt’s a fact that using custom labeled bottled water puts your brand literally in the face of your target market more so than any other type of advertising. Plus, with custom water bottle labels your company logo and name will leave a lasting impression on potential customers. It puts them in more of a position to say yes!

At Liquid Promotions, we provide a premium image and design for your business keeping you one step ahead of your competition. We use waterproof labels, and they come in an unlimited number of colors and styles including 3-D. We go the extra mile to make sure your design is noticed. We are concerned with both the purpose as well the appearance of the water bottle label and the bottle itself. Because of this, the bottles we provide you with have no ribbing—they are completely smooth. Ribbing interferes with the presentation as well as the variations in size made available to the label and we want to make sure your bottle is unique. With a specialized exterior, our bottles are designed to make your logo look outstanding. To further this point, we make sure the caps on our bottles are translucent to make sure all the focus is directly on your brand.

personalized bottled water Birmingham Alabama, water bottle labels Dallas, TexasLiquid Promotions is also conscientious of the environment and dedicated to recycling. Our promotional water bottles are made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) making them 100% biodegradable with 15% post-consumer plastic.

Liquid Promotions is able to reach customers throughout the United States with your brand. Give us a call and let us promote your business with personalized water bottles that will help you reach the pinnacle of your marketing ability!

personalized water bottles Alexandria Virginia, customized water bottles Houston Texas

Located in Atlanta Georgia, we provide water bottle labels for clients from all around the South including Savannah, Georgia, Alexandria, Virginia, Mobile, Alabama and Dallas, Texas.

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