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But Your Logo On Water Bottle Labels 

Water bottles are everywhere, whether it is a party or a formal event. When someone takes a look at a bottle of water, they notice an ordinary design and label without a second glance. On the flip side potential customers can be attracted to a sleek design with an attention-grabbing logo. That logo can be your logo on a personalized water bottle. Our goal at Liquid Promotions is to provide elegant water bottle labels as a marketing tool; what better way to grab customer’s attention than to invest in a product that everyone needs? Our branded bottled water turns heads!Custom Water Bottles Houston Texas, Personalized water Bottles Houston Texas

We supply custom water bottles for small to mid-sized business owners; custom labeled bottled water is a simple, effective advertising tool that is a powerful way to expand your customer base, and our water bottle labels make your business look amazing.

Custom water bottles combine a high quality marketing message with the popularity of drinking bottled water. Liquid Promotions utilizes an exclusive design which allows for increased water bottle label space and greater appeal. Our bottle is designed with no ribs so that it is more appealing and provides a more visible, bigger label, unlike the usual bottled water bought from a store.

Promotional bottled water Houston Texas, promotional bottled water Houston TexasOur water bottles come in multiple sizes from 8oz. up to 1 liter and are made with 100% eco-friendly content. We use custom waterproof labels to set us apart from the competition. The water bottle label is made using recyclable materials and the bottle is made using biodegradable materials and 15% post-consumer plastics.  Even the manufacturing process is done using alternative energy sources so as not to harm the environment.

At Liquid Promotions, using promotional bottled water to market your business is what we’re all about. Regardless of where you are in Houston Texas or if you have a small business or a large business, Liquid Promotions can help you with all of your custom water bottles needs. So please give us a call and we will take your branding to the next level with our amazing looking water bottle labels!

personalized water bottles Houston Texas, water bottle labels Houston Texas

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