Personalized Water Bottle Labels for Business Owners in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Personalized Water Bottle Labels Atlanta GAAt Liquid Promotions, we can create personalized water bottle labels for your business in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Unlike other forms of advertising such as billboards, TV, and radio ads, which are only viewed between 30-60 seconds, it takes most people 8-12 minutes to drink an entire bottle of water, which is a lot more branding exposure than the previous methods and allows you to take advantage of a perfect marketing opportunity.

When you turn to Liquid Promotions for personalized water bottles for your Atlanta, GA, area business, we will provide you with the best that money can buy. Our work stands apart from the competition in many ways, since our bottles:

  • Look professional – Our bottles have a smooth, polished, streamlined appearance thanks to their “bullet style” design, which is absent of any ridges that would cheapen the look and provide less space for the label.
  • Are visually stunning – We offer unique and colorful labels, including our popular Ultra Clear 3-D (Sandwich Print) label, which creates a dazzling layered effect that allows you to see the label through the water.
  • Are incredibly durable – Our bottles are extra thick and fabricated from heavy-gauge plastic.
  • Have translucent caps – We use translucent caps for our bottles, which won’t detract from the image on the bottle, unlike with white caps.
  • Are eco-friendly – We use PET bottles, which are 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable.

Furthermore, our clients can choose between purified or spring water, which have both been through rigorous purification processes and come from the highest quality, protected sources.

For additional information about the personalized water bottle labels we provide to business owners in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, contact Liquid Promotions today.

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