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Make Your Company Stand Out

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You’re at an event representing your company when your eye is drawn to a stylishly designed water bottle resting on a table. A flashy label covers the smooth surface. The logo is instantly seared into your mind leaving you with an impression of quality and respect for the business. Whose logo does it belong to? If you get in touch with Liquid Promotions it will be yours! At Liquid Promotions, we specialize in putting your personal design on our water bottle labels and placing them on our beautiful high quality bottles. Our branded bottled water turns heads!

At Liquid Promotions, we offer the ideal blend of beauty, quality and affordability. Our strong, water proof labels come in limitless different colors and styles including 3-D, making your logo really jump off the bottle and into the awareness of everyone in the area. We have functionality as well as aesthetics in mind when it comes to the bottle but not so much that it takes anything away from the main attraction—your logo! Our bottles are completely smooth with no ribbing. This is important because ribbing limits the size of the water bottle labels available to you in addition to ruining the labels appearance. The bottles sleekness allows for the label to fit smoothly around the circumference, increasing its attractiveness and visibility. Keeping in mind that it is all about you brand on the bottle, we provide translucent caps as to keep the focus on your design on the label.

Liquid Promotions is also an environmentally-friendly company as well. Our bottles are 100% recyclable and the bottles we provide are 15% post consumer plastic. Furthering our green reputation, our bottles are biodegradable as well.

promotional bottled water Baltimore Maryland, custom water bottles Annapolis MarylandWe proudly serve all of Maryland from Baltimore to Annapolis. Make sure your personalized water bottle labels put the best impression into you audiences mind by working with Liquid Promotions. Give us a call to customize your brand!

(For information about custom water bottle labels in Delaware here)

personalized water bottles Baltimore Maryland, water proof labels Annapolis Maryland

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