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4 Occasions for Customized Water Bottles

Oct 24, 2014

georgia water bottle lables, water bottle labels, georgia, atlanta, columbus, savannah, augusta, macon, valdosta, athensIt’s not every day you go to an event and see customized water bottles, but when you do that’s generally the only thing you remember about it. It’s something so simple, yet so significant. It can be used as a refreshment, and a keepsake. This is why there are so many different occasions that could use personalized water bottles. They make personal and business events ones to remember without burning a hole through your pocket.

Here are some events that could use custom water bottles to provide that creative spin needed to make a pristine impression:


If you have ever been to a wedding, then you know that practically everything has been personalized, ranging from the invitations all the way down to the aisle runner. What better way to keep the ball rolling, then to also have water bottles with the wedding date on them?  All of the guests can keep one as a wedding favor, and the bride and groom has one to remember one of the most important days of their lives. Moreover, this is a great idea for bridal showers. It is a cute, yet inexpensive way to show the bride that the maid of honor went all out for her bridal shower. However, in reality it’s just an everyday item that is specifically designed for the person in mind.


Everyone loves a good party, and a party that has something personalized besides the cake is one that people are going to remember. Milestone birthday’s such as sweet 16’s or your 21st birthday is the perfect opportunity to bring customized water bottles to the table. They make the celebration more significant in the eyes of others, since the event has now become tangible by placing it into the hands of the guests. It reveals there was an effort to make it the best party you have ever had, even though making the bottles was not a hassle in the first place.

Sporting Events

High school homecoming football games rank the highest in attendance out of all the schools events. The game is highly advertised throughout the walls of the school, and is sold on T-shirts to get the students pumped for the game. A way to generate even more revenue during the game is to sell personalized water bottles. Students always flock to the concession stands for water, so why not make it more personal by adding an image of your school and the rival school along with the date? The demand for water and the connection to the personalized content will cause the water to fly off the shelves.


Businesses are always looking for a way to get their name out there. They hand out flyers, business cars, and a plethora of other paper printed items. This can be useful, but the reality is those paper products get tossed in trash. However, if you were to hand people a water bottle with an aesthetically pleasing logo they would see your company every time they took a sip. This is perfect for grand openings, networking events, or any other business event. The water satisfies the consumer’s physical need, while the logo satisfies your need of getting your business out there.

At Liquid Promotions, you can make custom water bottles at your next event a reality. There are so many options, from 3D to clear labels; it is all up to you. Liquid Promotions provides a range of cities with their services, including Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and Marietta.

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