For more than a decade, Liquid Promotions has been proud to be the leader in the custom bottled water industry, paving the way for businesses to attract more customers in a convenient and affordable way. It all started when founder Paul Daniel decided it was time to leave the “5 gallon home and office” delivery business.  He needed something that stirred the creative juices, and with more than 25 years in the private label bottled water industry, the artist and designer decided to create and stick to something familiar. In the summer of 2008, Liquid Promotions, Inc was founded.


Liquid Promotions was founded on the principles that all companies cherish like providing a high level of customer service, offering high quality private label water and creating an environment that earns the trust of the client.  However, it was extremely important to be different! Get away from the cookie cutter “slap a logo on a bottle approach” and use creativity, technology and design resources to turn what many consider a commodity into a cost effective tool to brand, promote, enhance and market an organization.  Be “weird” if we need to be!  As a result, Liquid Promotions offers an array of water bottle labels that range from unlimited color to 3-D bottles and encourages clients to envision more than typical custom label bottled water.  Our resources allow us to make even the “cookie cutter” approach to still be different.

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