Custom Water Solutions to Promote Businesses Across the Country

Custom labeled water from Liquid Promotions, Inc., is a great way to promote the brand of your business or organization while potential clients are quenching their thirst with cool, refreshing water. Since water is such an important aspect of our business, we make sure to provide only high-quality H2O that has been through rigorous purification processes and reliable sanitization and testing procedures. In doing so, we can provide your customers with superior-tasting water for the best experience possible.

When you partner with Liquid Promotions for your custom water, you will be able to choose between two types of water, including:

  • Purified Water – Our popular purified drinking water goes through a 10-stage purification and filtration process to create pure-tasting drinking water that is crisp, cool, and refreshing.
  • Natural Spring Water – This water comes from a protected source in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. As it flows through rock formations, sand, and surfaces, the water goes through a natural filtering process. The result is great tasting water with a TDS of 17 parts per million from one of the purest spring water sources in the United States.

Furthermore, we adhere to strict quality control measures, and all water production for our custom labeled water is governed by the FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

To learn more about getting your own custom labeled bottled water marketing campaign underway, contact Liquid Promotions today. We would be happy to provide you with a written quote or sample upon request.

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