4 Things Your Custom Water Bottle Labels Need

Sep 24, 2014

Custom water bottle labels are a proven and effective way of increasing brand awareness. But coming up with an appropriate way to find out which personalized water bottle label making company for you can help you the most from top to bottom can be more difficult than you may think. You must be sure that you provide a functional water bottle that also has a label that communicates your brand as one of quality and professionalism while also delivering a message that will stick to your audiences mind.

Here is a check list of things to make sure your custom water bottle label producing service provides you with:

The Best Water Bottle Label Quality

You absolutely must make sure your water bottle labels are made of a durable and high quality material. Seeing as the labels will be plastered around a bottle containing water that can change temperature based on where it is located, a resilient label is paramount. Make sure your label is made of waterproof material so that if it spills, sweats, or gets water on it some other way, the label does not peel off of the bottle and the colors on the label do not run or smear off. What use is a water bottle label if its message cannot be read or it can’t stay on the bottle at all?!?!

High Quality Artwork

Obviously we want our design to look good aesthetically as well as get our message across effectively. This is where the artwork upon your water bottle label is concerned. Be sure that the company you contact to do the art work of your design and/or brand provides a portfolio of their previous work. Make sure that the person making you labels is also the one doing the artwork. Many companies will outsource the art potion of the job and you can end up with some shoddy design work. You want your design to pop off the bottle. Make sure you personalized water bottle label provider offers all the colors and features you desire as well.

Label Size

Be sure that you get the right size label. Too small and no one will be able to see your brand or design. Too large and your label will interfere with gripping ability and the brand will look tacky. The size of the label is highly dependent on the size of the water bottle you have as well. This brings us to our next bullet point.

A Functional Bottle

We often forget that having an effective water bottle label is not all about the label itself; it also concerns the bottle in which the label is wrapped around. Make sure you get a bottle that is the right size for the event you are planning on having the water bottles at. An 8oz. would be ideal for a waiting room in a doctor’s office, while a 1 liter would be better for a marathon or other long distance running event where more water is necessary. Also make sure the design is not harmful to your label. Make sure your water bottle does not have ribs where your label should be as this is bad for the visibility of your label

At Liquid Promotions, we are your custom water bottle label experts. We take note of all of the things that will make a difference in your water bottle label. Give us a call and get a free consultation about expanding your brand awareness!

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