custom bottled water Atlanta, custom bottled waterOur Custom Bottled Water labels are your “selling point,” and there are a variety of ways your personalized bottled labels can be used.  We use quality water resistant bottle labels that wrap around the entire bottle thus maximizing your advertising space.  The custom labels don’t adhere in just one or two spots; they adhere to the entire surface area around the bottle that the label comes in contact with.  The colors are unlimited and Liquid Promotions has the ability to provide clear, photo quality and even 3D labels.

We use a smooth modern streamlined proprietary bottle.  There are no ribs to cheapen the look and this also allows us to be more flexible with the type and size label that can be applied.  A ribbed bottle typically has a paper-laminated label that is limited in size, looks like every other water bottle in the grocery store and loses its label in an ice chest.  Additionally ribbed bottles do not support ultra clear, oversized or 3-D labels very well. Our Custom Bottled Water labels provide the flexibility to increase your advertising space while ribbed bottles limit that space. A Liquid Promotions bottle provides a classy look and in itself, portrays quality even before the bottled water labels are added. The bottle is a distinction maker in the mission to portray your impression or vision.

Besides keeping the water in the bottle, the cap is part of image.  It is important to draw a person’s eye to the label.  We want them to see the image your business represents.  We use a translucent 3-turn cap instead of a white cap because the white cap draws attention away from the water bottle labels.  We want eyes focused on the personalized water bottles and labels. Mainly, we want the focus to be on you.

(See our Best Custom Water Bottle Labels! section for more information)

Our Custom Bottled Water has four bottle sizes available and our bottled water labels come in 3 types – Standard, Ultra Clear and 3-D. The labels come in a variety of sizes. For all orders, we have a one-time set up fee of $80. Shipping costs are quoted by the order. Call and place an order today!  Make a refreshing impression.


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