The Highest Caliber Branded Bottled Water for Business Owners in High Point, NC

Branded Bottled Water High Point NCSo, you want to increase your marketing efforts in a way that is both effective and affordable—but which medium should you invest in? Radio and TV ads may seem like an obvious choice, but they are expensive, and typically only provide 30-60 seconds of exposure time. Keychains, pens, and other items will likely just be thrown away shortly after they’re given out, and newspaper ads are quickly becoming obsolete as more people move toward digital platforms. However, one cost-effective marketing medium that is gaining more traction among savvy business owners in High Point, North Carolina, is branded bottled water, for several compelling reasons.

The foremost reason why custom labeled bottled water works is because it offers lengthy exposure time, as it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle. This helps the bottled water act as a mobile billboard for your business, and will give your customers plenty of time to become familiar with your company name and information on the bottle labels.

Another reason why branded bottled water is so effective is because virtually everyone drinks water. This means you can hand your custom labeled bottled water out to people of all ages, in all environments, making it an exceptionally versatile and convenient way to get your message out to the masses.

The Liquid Promotions Difference

At Liquid Promotions, we offer the most sturdy and stylish branded bottled water in the industry. You’ll love our smooth, “bullet-style” bottles, eye-catching and creative labels, and refreshing spring or purified water. Our products convey absolute quality and craftsmanship, so you can feel proud about placing your company name and information on them.

Give the friendly and prompt professionals at Liquid Promotions a call today to learn more about our branded bottled water, or order samples of our work to your home or business in High Point, NC.

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