Branded Water Bottles for Business Owners in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Branded Water Bottles Atlanta GADistributing branded water bottles is a brilliant and effective marketing strategy for business owners in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, and at Liquid Promotions, expertly utilizing this marketing tool for our clients is what we do best. For less per bottle than you would pay out of a vending machine, we can create personalized water bottles that you can distribute to generate brand awareness and attract more potential customers to your business. These water bottles will have your company logo printed on them in such an eye-catching, unique way, that potential clients will have no choice but to see your company name while sipping on the refreshing beverage.

Unlike other marketing tools such as expensive billboard, TV, and radio ads that are viewed between 30-60 seconds, it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire bottle of water, which is more branding exposure than any of the aforementioned advertising vehicles. At Liquid Promotions, we know this works in your favor, which is why we offer the highest-quality branded water bottles available on the market today. Unlike other comparable industry products, our bottles have:

  • A “bullet” style bottle design, which is absent of unsightly ridges
  • Translucent caps, which don’t distract the eye away from the image on the bottle, unlike white caps
  • Unique labels that are available in an unlimited variety of colors

To learn more about our branded water bottles, or to receive a sample, contact the friendly professionals at Liquid Promotions today. We are proud to serve businesses in the Atlanta, GA, area.

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