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Branding On Water Bottle Labels: Important Things To Consider

Aug 26, 2014

With custom water bottle labels you can quickly establish brand awareness. What is brand awareness? When people see your logo and know exactly who you are without having to read a word, you have brand awareness. When your insignia is seen and people can already picture your service, you have brand awareness.

But how do you get brand awareness? The answer is simple enough; put your brand in places that it will get noticed. This is no secret though—you’ve noticed it ever time you drive downtown and reach a crowded intersection—so many flashing light logos being shoved in your face you almost feel a seizure coming on. The real secret is to instead put your logo in a place that won’t give your audience complete sensory overload and fully customizable and personalized water bottle labels offer you just the solution for this problem.

While water bottle labels have been shown to quickly and effectively spread the visibility of your brand, you must also consider several things to use them to their fullest potential.


Having a decent color scheme on your water bottle label is paramount to successful visibility of your brand. Make sure that your colors contrast so that the brand image better stands out to the audience’s eye. More colorful labels tend to get more recognition, however only within reason. If you try to use ever gradient in the rainbow it may be too overwhelming. If you really want to be cutting edge and have your brand quite literally pop out at you, give 3-D graphic labels a look-see.


While the water bottle label is where your logo or design will be placed, the bottle itself is also an important part of the package. It can affect the image of your brand positively or negatively. For example while a ribbed bottle may be better for gripping, it negatively affects the appearance of the label. A smooth elegantly shaped bottle is shown to be much more attractive and positive for visibility.

Water Bottle Label Itself

Finally we come to the place where your logo will reside—the water bottle label itself! Durability is key when it comes to your label. Your label should be able to take a little abuse and still be able to hold strong. It should also be able to stand tough on a hot day. When it’s warm out, water bottles have a tendency to sweat which can wreak havoc on your label if it is not water resistant.

At Liquid Promotions we consider all these factors and make sure to use nothing but the finest materials to create your new medium of advertising—the water bottle label. We also show love for the environment by making sure that our bottles that we provide to you are 100% biodegradable. So don’t wait, give Liquid Promotions a call at 678.896.3749 and get brand awareness that leaves a refreshing impression!

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