Custom Bottled Water for Business Owners in Greenville, SC

Custom Bottled Water Greenville SCMost business owners just want to be able to promote their company in a way that is effective, affordable, and convenient. At Liquid Promotions, that’s exactly the kind of marketing solution that we offer. For many years, business owners in Greenville, South Carolina, have been turning to us for our custom bottled water—a cost-effective marketing solution that companies in a wide range of industries—from health care and law firms to funeral homes and churches—can reap the benefits from.

How It Works

When you turn to Liquid Promotions for custom bottled water, the process will be a breeze from start to finish. We will begin by determining the size of your shipment (we have quantities ranging from 240 bottles to 2,880) and your budget. We can then discuss the design of your bottles and labels, which we want to be as unique and professional as your company itself. We have different bottle sizes available, and because they aren’t riddled with unsightly ridges like traditional bottles, you’ll love their sleek and streamlined appearance. You can also choose from virtually unlimited color options for your bottles, as well as several stunning styles, including our ever-popular Ultra-Clear Sandwich Print label, which creates a layered 3D effect.

The best part? Depending upon how many bottles you order, you can pay less per bottle than you would out of a vending machine—what’s better than that?

If you would like to learn more about the custom bottled water we offer to business owners in the Greenville, SC, area, contact our friendly experts today. We’d be happy to send you samples upon request.

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