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We all know that the weather in Louisiana can make one parched from the humid heat that causes one to sweat. So when your customers come in parched it’s nice to hand them promotional bottled water with your logo on it. We know that custom water bottle labels help brand your business for longer than some traditional avenues of marketing. Our branded bottled water turns heads! Our products provide an excellent tool for your brand.custom labeled bottled water New Orleans, personalized water bottles New Orleans

At Liquid Promotions, we provide the best in quality, affordability and style when it comes to your custom bottled water. Paper labels wither and peel in water whereas our water proof water bottle labels will grab the attention of customers or potential clients with just a glance. Plus, we have a variety of different labels available to match the branding of your business. We even have 3-D labels that are simply beautiful! Check out our gallery of customized water bottles.

For over 5 years now, Liquid Promotions has been making custom water bottle labels for all types of businesses around the nation. Based out of Atlanta Georgia, we have relationships with bottlers across the U.S., so we can provide an affordable and creative way to help you market your business. Find out new ways to market your brand here.

Experts have concluded that using custom branded logos improves visibility because the average person takes around 8 minutes to drink a 12 oz custom bottled water. Few marketing tools have that much exposure for their target market. You’re literally putting your brand in people’s faces without being intrusive. Plus, there’s something deeply rooted in the business interaction when you meet the basic needs of your customers. Call us now for more information at 678-896-3749.

Whether your business is in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport or (or anywhere else in Louisiana), Liquid Promotions is ready to help you brand the thirst of your clients with the best custom water bottles in the country.

Finally, Liquid Promotions custom bottled water are made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable—the bottles we use are themselves 15% post-consumer plastic.

water bottle labels New Orleans Louisiana, custom water bottle labels Baton Rouge LouisianaLet Liquid Promotions help your business look its best with custom bottled water. Brand Your Thirst. Call today!

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personalized water bottles New Orleans Louisiana, custom labeled bottled water New Orleans

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