Custom Bullet Bottled Water for Business Owners in Charleston, SC

Custom Bullet Bottled Water Charleston SCHave you purchased promotional material for your business, such as keychains, pens, and flyers, only to see them thrown in the trash by your potential customers? Have you paid big money for TV or radio ads, only to receive a handful of leads? If yes, consider investing in custom bullet bottled water from Liquid Promotions. We are proud to provide business owners in the Charleston, South Carolina, area with custom bullet bottled water that is:


Did you know that it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire bottle of water? This is invaluable time that your customers will be able to spend becoming familiar with your company name and information on the personalized bottled water labels. This is far more brand exposure than you would receive with other marketing mediums, like radio and TV ads, which typically only last 30-60 seconds.


Water is the most ubiquitous beverage in the world, which means that you can hand your custom bullet bottled water out to people of all ages, in virtually any environment—from lobbies and waiting rooms to trade shows and other community events.


Depending upon the size of your shipment, you can spend less per bottle than you would out of a vending machine, making our product a cost-effective promotional tool for your business.

If you would like to learn more about how custom bullet bottled water can help successfully promote your business in Charleston, SC, contact Liquid Promotions today. We’d be happy to send you samples upon request.

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