Custom Label Bottled Water for Charleston, SC, Business Owners

Custom Label Bottled Water Charleston SCThere’s no shortage of marketing solutions available, but how many of them are actually effective and affordable? At Liquid Promotions, we can offer you one that is: custom label bottled water. We are the leading provider of personalized bottled water in the Charleston, South Carolina, area, and throughout the years, we have become renowned for our:

World-Class Customer Service

We have a passion for custom label bottled water, and that will shine through when we work with you. We will use our expertise to help you navigate our selection, choosing the best size bottles, shipment quantity, and label design to accomplish your goals. We will even send you samples of our work upon request, so you can know exactly what we are capable of.

Top-Quality Products

We offer the highest quality selection of custom label bottled water in the industry. Our bottles are sleek and streamlined, rather than riddled with unsightly ridges like traditional water bottles. Our labels come in an unlimited array of colors and several stunning styles, including our Sandwich Print labels, which create a layered 3D effect. No matter what design options you choose, you can rest assured your custom label bottled water will convey quality to your customers and portray your business in a favorable light.

Affordable Prices

Depending upon the size of your shipment, you can spend less per bottle than you would out of a vending machine. And, since our bottles provide 8-12 minutes of precious brand exposure while customers drink from them (in contrast to TV and radio ads, which typically only last between 30-60 seconds) you’re getting excellent value for your investment.

Contact Liquid Promotions today to learn more about the attractive, cost-effective custom label bottled water solutions we offer to business owners in the Charleston, SC, area, and beyond.

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