Custom Label Bottled Water Myrtle Beach, SC

Custom Label Bottled Water Myrtle Beach SCAs a business owner in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you are probably always looking for marketing solutions that are both economical and effective. At Liquid Promotions, we have just that marketing solution for you: custom label bottled water. By putting your company name and information on custom bottled water, you can capture the attention of all who drink from your bottles. And, because it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, you’re getting their attention far longer than you would with other, more expensive, marketing solutions, such as TV and radio ads, which only last 30-60 seconds. Customized bottled water essentially allows you to have a walking billboard for your business.

What to Expect

We know that running a business is challenging enough, so why make your marketing efforts complicated? At Liquid Promotions, we’ve got you! We offer friendly, attentive service, and will work hard to ensure you get a product that reflects your business in the most positive way. All you have to do is choose the:

  • Size of your shipment – How many water bottles do you need? What’s your budget? We have shipment quantities ranging from 240 bottles to 2,880, and we can help you choose the best amount according to your needs and budget.
  • Size of your bottles – We offer bottled water in several sizes, including 8-, 12-, 16.9-, or 20-ounce options.
  • Type of water – We offer purified and spring water, both of which are crisp and refreshing and come from highly protected and rigorously tested sources.
  • Design of your label – Get as creative as you want with your bottle labels! We offer virtually unlimited color options and several different label styles, including our popular Ultra-Clear Sandwich Print label, which creates a layered 3D effect.

If you’d like to learn more about the custom label bottled water we offer to business owners in the Myrtle Beach, SC, area, contact Liquid Promotions today. We’d be happy to send you samples upon request.

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