Professional Custom Label Bottled Water Solutions for Businesses in the Winston-Salem, NC, Area

Custom Label Bottled Water Winston-Salem NCAt Liquid Promotions, we can provide you with custom label bottled water solutions that will increase your company’s visibility and awareness of your brand. Water bottles are incredibly effective, and can drive more potential clients to your Winston-Salem, North Carolina, company than many other forms of advertising. If you’ve found yourself wondering why that is, the answer is simple. The average person takes 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, which is longer than the brand exposure you will receive from virtually any other marketing vehicle. This includes radio and TV ads, which are typically seen by the viewer for a mere 30-60 seconds. Giving out private label water is also significantly more successful than handing out pens, flyers, and other advertising materials, which are typically thrown away shortly after.

Now that you know why water bottles are a great marketing tool, you may be wondering why you should partner with Liquid Promotions. We stand apart from the competition in many ways, one of them being the quality of our bottles themselves. Our proprietary bottles have a smooth and streamlined appearance that is free of unsightly ridges that cheapen the look. They are also made from heavy-gauge plastic, which makes them exceptionally thick and durable.

Furthermore, our customers in Winston-Salem, NC, can choose from purified or spring water, both of which:

  • Come from the highest quality, protected sources
  • Have undergone rigorous purification processes
  • Have passed the most reliable sanitization and testing procedures

To learn more about the custom label bottled water solutions we offer for business owners in the Winston-Salem, NC, area, contact the professionals at Liquid Promotions today.

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