Custom Labeled Bottled Water Improves Advertising Effectiveness

Nov 16, 2014

water bottle labels Dallas Texas, customized bottled water Dallas Texas, private label water Dallas TexasCustom labeled bottled water is an effective advertising tool, and private label bottled water is a cost effective way to promote brand. It’s a great way to establish brand awareness and an important element of any effective marketing campaign.

The chief complaint of all marketing directors is that there’s never enough money in the advertising budget and that it’s hard to determine the effectiveness of their efforts. For example, print advertising can be very expensive, miss the target market and yield something as low as a 2% return. Radio and TV advertising can be similar but cost way more.

For small to mid-sized business owners, custom labeled bottled water is a simple, effective advertising tool that is a powerful way to increase brand awareness.

Custom labeled water bottles combine a high quality marketing message with the popularity of drinking bottled water. This approach to advertising provides a consumable product that is portable and extends the message being carried to far beyond the individual.

It’s important to remember with private label bottled water is that it is all about brand advertising which means the medium must match the message. If you are a high end company or desire to be, then you want an elegant approach to marketing. The bottles that Liquid Promotions comes in and the customized water bottled labels are combined to make a great looking way to brand the business.  Obviously, your marketing must reflect the quality of your brand which means there must be quality in label design and production, quality in the form and appearance of the bottle and most importantly quality in the purity and taste of the water.

Taking the time to create a great looking water bottle label combined with an attractive bottle and great tasting water will support the right branding message. Likewise, designing your own water bottle label and going with cheaper water bottle alternatives will risk creating a negative branding message. As with any aspect of your marketing, always go with quality.

It’s almost as simple as this- any company that provides a product or service could use custom labeled bottled water. There are no geographical boundaries. There are doctor’s offices in Miami Florida handing out logo water, car dealerships in Dallas Texas, driving ranges in Tulsa Oklahoma and way more. It doesn’t matter what kind of business either- from medical offices, law or accounting firms, real estate agencies, car dealership, etc. Even community events like marathons offer a great way of branding by using customized labeled bottled water.

Liquid Promotions has been working with small business owners for years helping them create elegant promotional bottled water. Each water bottle label is customized for the business with the goal of brand awareness in mind. Call Liquid Promotions at 678-896-3749 today!

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