Smart & Affordable Custom Labeled Bottled Water Solutions for Businesses in Indianapolis, IN

Custom Labeled Bottled Water Indianapolis INAt Liquid Promotions, we have a passion for custom labeled bottled water for one main reason: it works! Unlike TV, radio, and billboard ads, which can cost thousands of dollars and provide limited branding exposure, custom labeled water bottles are an affordable marketing tool that provides an impressive 8-12 minutes of branding exposure, since that’s how long it takes the average person to drink an entire bottle of water. At Liquid Promotions, we know just how to use this invaluable advertising medium by providing top-quality water bottles that are:

  • Polished – Our water bottles are smooth and sophisticated, since they are absent of unsightly ridges that could cheapen their look.
  • Vibrant – Unlike other custom labeled bottled water products that only offer 4-color schemes, we offer unlimited color options for our labels, so there is no limit to how unique and eye-catching they can be.
  • Sturdy – Our bottles are constructed of heavy-gauge plastic, so they won’t dent or become crushed before a potential customer even has a chance to drink from them.

A Variety of Industries

Furthermore, our custom labeled bottled water is an effective marketing tool for a variety of industries. Whether you own an automobile dealership, doctor’s office, restaurant, bed & breakfast, law firm, real estate company, country club, or spa (just to name a few), you will find that that there are plenty of opportunities to hand out our convenient water bottles and increase your brand exposure.

To learn more about the many benefits of our custom labeled bottled water solutions, contact Liquid Promotions today. We are proud to serve businesses in the Indianapolis, IN, area.

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