Custom Water Bottle Label News:  Are You What You Drink?

Jun 15, 2014

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It’s just a fact. Americans need to drink more water-obviously, we would love it if more Americans drank water with our custom water bottle labels on them, but the average American today gets close to a whopping 21% of their from hydration from non-water based beverages, consuming about 150 to 300 more calories than 30 years ago. About half of this intake comes from soft drinks and juice drinks. The portions are bigger, and the percentage of people consuming these beverages has gone up.


Most of us know that there is a connection with soda and juice drinks and obesity, as well as any beverages with calories. Some adults have tripled their daily intake of alcoholic beverages, and the smoothie industry has increased to the point where some adults are drinking a smoothie a day.  Studies show that weight gain occurs when you shift from non-caloric beverages to calorically sweetened ones. If you drink a beverage, whether it is a soda, alcoholic beverage or juice, it’s just a fact that you do not compensate by eating less food later.


Beverages are less satisfying to your appetite than solid foods. Calories that come from liquid do not register with our appetite controls in the brain. In fact many individuals eat even more calories than they normally would when they have an alcoholic beverage before a meal. Why?…alcohol lowers a persons inhibitions, as well as sets up a fall in blood sugar, which causes a person to want to more. It’s a vicious cycle


Water is really all we need to drink for a healthy balanced diet. Water does several things for our bodies. First it quenches our thirst, second it helps to eliminate the high amounts of sodium found in our foods today, and third it helps our elimination system work more effectively. Though an occasional alcoholic drink, fruit juice, soda or cup of coffee is ok, it is important for us to get back to basics and eat and drink in moderation to live healthier lives.


What should we drink? Below are some options made by nutritionists for a balanced diet.


6 to 8 servings of water daily.

2 servings of unsweetened coffee or tea a day

2 servings of milk a day

No more than 1 diet drink a day

Either one alcoholic, sports drink, or100% fruit juice a day


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