Custom Water Bottle Size Options

Nov 05, 2019

Custom Water Bottle Size Options for You to Choose From

Custom Water Bottle Size OptionsUsing custom water bottles to promote your business is an effective marketing move that also provides you with ample financial and creative freedom. Choose from a wide range of colors, fonts, and designs for your labels that speak to your brand and professionalism. You can also select the number of bottles you’d like to order for a shipment that meets your needs while also remaining within your budget. And, of course, you can also choose from several custom water bottle size options, with most companies offering the following:

  • 8 oz.
  • 12 oz.
  • 9 oz.

When choosing a size for your custom water bottles, you may want to consider not only your budget, but also the environment you’ll be passing them out in (i.e., will recipients want to carry something small and portable, or will they need a larger, more refreshing dose of H2O?).

Turn to Liquid Promotions

At Liquid Promotions, we offer all of the sizes mentioned above, and will help you decide which one is best for your budget and intended application. In addition to choosing your bottle size, you’ll be able to select from our virtually unlimited color and style options for your labels until you’ve reached the precise look you envision for your brand. The result will be a high-quality, effective marketing tool that you can use to promote your company in whatever way best serves you.

Contact Liquid Promotions today to learn more about our custom water bottle size options. We would be happy to send you samples upon request.

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