Custom Water Charlotte NCThe Best Custom Water Bottle Marketing Solutions for Your Charlotte, NC, Area Business

Regardless of what industry you are in, custom water bottles are a smart, affordable, and incredibly effective way of promoting your business to potential customers in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. For less per bottle than you would pay out of a vending machine, the professionals at Liquid Promotions can provide you with attractive, top-quality custom water bottles that will get your company name and message out to the public in a way that they will appreciate. Whether you own a healthcare clinic and want to offer your patients water while they wait, or you would like to promote your design company to attendees at an interior decorating expo, we can provide you with a customized marketing solution that will work for you.

As a Liquid Promotions customer, you will receive custom labeled bottled water that stands apart from other industry products in many ways. Unlike our competitors, we offer unlimited colors for our labels and truly unique design options, such as our Ultra Clear 3-D (Sandwich Print) label, which creates a multi-dimensional effect that allows you to see the label through the water. We also have proprietary “bullet style” bottles, which are sleek, streamlined, and don’t have unsightly ridges to cheapen the look.

In addition to the exceptional aesthetic appearance of our custom water bottles, we also offer our customers in the Charlotte, NC, area their choice between purified or spring water, which both:

  • Come from the highest quality, protected sources
  • Have passed all sanitization and testing procedures
  • Have undergone thorough purification processes

For more information about our custom water bottles, or to receive a sample, contact the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Liquid Promotions today. We are proud to serve businesses in the Charlotte, NC, area.

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