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Customized Water Bottle Labels For Marketing

Aug 18, 2014

water bottle labels New Orleans, water bottle labels Charleston, Water Bottle labels AtlantaWhen it comes to using promotional items to market a brand or company, the best option is to choose something that will get the most exposure. Generally, companies look towards these items if the marketing lacks appeal or if the products or services are not reaching the desired market. As a result, promotional items are used to create a lasting impression and influence the general demographic. Did you know that customized water bottle labels are regarded as one of the most effective tools for this type of promotion?

Using custom water bottle labels is an effective marketing tool. We all get thirsty. Exactly when that thirst hits is beyond our control, but we do know that the more needs of a customer that a business owner can satisfy, the more likely that customer will not only share their experience, but the more likely that customer will return. There are many attributes of custom water bottles, but they can successfully score promotional points in three major categories.

Promotional Bottled Water Is Eye Catching

For starters, promotional bottled waters are appealing for many reasons. Custom water bottles are available in different sizes and shapes. Some bottles have ridges and cheap water bottle labels that peel right off when chilled while other promotional bottled water comes in a smooth, elegant bottle like the ones at Liquid Promotions. The sizes range to meet the needs of the business owners and the pricing is some of the most affordable in the market.

Custom Labeled Bottled Water Is Functional

Getting your business logo on a custom labeled water bottle label helps meet the needs of your customers by providing life. Water is essential to our well being, so marketing tools that promote well being or luxury are consistent with the brand. It’s just a fact that customized water bottles also work well in marketing because of their utility and function. Some promotional items are fun and some are frivolous, but no marketing product is more useful than promotional bottled water with your business on the water bottle label. The promotional water bottles are in a category by themselves when it comes to purpose.

Promotional Water Bottles Are Versatile

When it comes to marketing your business, it’s tough to find the right promotional product that fits any type of event. While one promotional item may be perfect for one venue, it may fail miserably at another. That is why you want a promotional product that is as versatile as your business. That’s custom labeled bottled water. There’s not an event, expo, community program or person in your waiting room that won’t get thirsty. That’s an opportunity to display your business which is why custom water bottle labels need to be part of your marketing no matter what type of business you’re in.

When it comes to creating a custom water bottle label, you’re only as limited as your imagination. Not only can you put any logo or business image on the water bottle label, but you can even create a 3-D label which creates an elegant brand.

As mentioned, everyone needs hydration, so there are no age limits when it comes to needing water. This means there are no limits when it comes to who will see your custom water bottle labels. It’s as practical for the marketing professional at an expo as it is for the customer in the waiting room or the marathon runner. What’s important is that you use promotional bottled water as your versatile marketing tool and match the campaign to the target market for your business. This will not only maximize the exposure you get for your business, but increase the conversion of customers.


Liquid Promotions has been serving businesses in the Atlanta area since 2008. We help business owners make a refreshing impression by creating customized water bottle labels and expanding their marketing reach.

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