Custom Water Bottle Labels Increase Your Brand Awareness

water bottle labels Columbus, Georgia, personalized water bottles Mobile, AlabamaIf there’s one thing consumers notice, it is changes in products they are always consuming. If Coca Cola started selling their drinks in yellow cans, people would immediately notice, and probably even talk about it. Custom water bottle labels are a similar concept. If you pick up a bottle of water, and instead of the same uninteresting bottle you’ve seen for years, you’re holding a smooth, sleek bottle with a beautifully designed, colorful label that catches the eye and really promotes a brand. Your brand is already getting noticed.

For more than 5 years now, Liquid Promotions has been making custom water bottle labels for businesses all around the country. We can help you market your business in a way that meets the needs of your customers on many different levels. Think of handing someone a bottle of refreshing spring water as a “liquid business card”. It’s a promotion with a purpose. People often immediately discard business cards and other little advertising trinkets they may be handed. But when you give someone a bottle of water and they drink it, they have it with them for 10 or so minutes. Maybe even hours. For the entire duration of the consumer drinking the water, your brand is right there in front of their face.

custom water bottle labels Charleston, South Carolina, personalized bottled water Birmingham, AlabamaWe put a lot of thought and creativity into our custom water bottle labels for every client we work with. We can print any design you desire, in full color with eye-catching images and relevant text. Each label is designed specifically for the client, and all our bottles come with waterproof labels. They don’t peel or wrinkle when wet, so your logo always looks great.

At Liquid Promotions, we provide the best in quality, affordability and elegance when it comes to your personalized water bottle labels. Some bottlers use paper labels which peel and look terrible when they get wet while we use waterproof labels to protect the look and feel of your brand. Plus, we have a variety of different bottle sizes and water bottle labels available to match the branding of your business. We even have 3-D labels that are simply elegant! Our personalized water bottle look great on the golf course, your waiting room, trade shows or wherever!

You deserve only the best when it comes to personalized water bottle labels and you will get just that with Liquid Promotions. We provide the highest quality water-resistant labels that come in many different arrays from unlimited colors to 3-D labels. Our bottles are all smooth without any ribbing as well. How is this a benefit to you? In addition to not being very aesthetically pleasing, ribbing limits your ability with label size as well. That is why we provide you with a sleek design capable of handling any label and still look attractive. Sitting atop our bottles is a cap that we make translucent to make sure all attention is kept lower down upon you logo. This means your promotional bottled water does exactly that- promotes your business!

Call our product by whatever name you like:  label water, private label water, personalized bottle water, water bottle labels, or custom bottle water- we help you make a great first impression. Call us to get an idea about pricing for promotional bottled water. Order today!

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Located in Atlanta Georgia, we take care of clients from all around the South including Columbus, Georgia, Mobile, Alabama, Shreveport, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee. Click here to learn more about water bottle labels in Georgia.

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