Imagine: Water Bottle Labels With Your Brand

Nov 09, 2014

water bottle labels New Orleans, water bottle labels Charleston, Water Bottle labels AtlantaIf you’ve ever found yourself at a community event or waiting area where they had you a bottle of promotional water where you look at the water bottle label and think, “That logo looks really good!”, that’s the power of branding. That’s a powerful impression.

What makes it powerful? Several things. First, the average billboard gets only a few seconds of exposure to the target audience with thousands of people driving by. Sure, those number can add up to be effective, but when you hand someone a bottle of water with your logo on it, the time it takes the person to drink the water is the time they’re exposed to your brand. More importantly, if that bottle is as elegant as those that Liquid Promotions produces, the water bottle label can actually create a “Wow!” effect. Think about the idea of having your logo on the bottle along with a 3-D effect where they look through the bottle to see an image related to your business. That’s impressive. That’s memorable and can lead to conversion.

Next, most people work to avoid ads. Modern technology ishelping us do that with things like Tivo, DVRs and Sirius radio. Why? Because most of us feel the ads don’t really do anything for us. Sure, they may inform us of where we can get some needs met, but with custom labeled bottled water, the ad meets a direct and essential need- hydration. Which marketing approach do you think is more effective- one that annoys or one that refreshes? It’s a no brainer.

The fact is, promotional water bottle labels are a very efficient medium for advertising your business (large quantities of water orders = lower costs per bottle- sometimes well under a dollar a bottle!) especially when a good logo is involved. The key to making your promotional bottled water stand out is to make your label’s theme attractive and unique. Once you’ve established your theme you can then develop a message consistent with your branding.

The level of quality you choose to use for your label water will reflect the quality of your company or business. For example, a Lexus dealer would naturally have a more elegant label to reflect the high end brand. By using a well thought out and planned label, you will be telling potential prospects that your product is worth every penny. Using poor quality in any aspect of your business will send the wrong message.

Make sure that the label on your bottle is well designed and has a good layout. Some businesses try to design these in house which often doesn’t go very well. Keep in mind, this is ab out your branded image and needs to reflect what you do in the best possible light, so it’s a smart idea to get someone who does this for a living. It’s about brand protection as much as brand awareness. Also, the quality of the water bottle label is important to think about as well. Many labels peel as soon as they get wet which can leave your brand looking worn. Plastic based water bottle labels tend to resist peeling, and they look amazing.

And in the “this goes without saying” category, you want to make sure that the water that goes into your promotional bottled water is the best quality you can find. For example, Liquid Promotions uses cool, crisp, purified spring water from the north Georgia mountains. We’ve actually heard of a business owner that bought a bunch plastic bottles, designed his own label and filled the bottles with tap water. You could say that accurately reflected his brand, but we’re positive it wasn’t the impression he was going for. That stunt surely cost him way more than it saved him.

Creating the proper promotional bottled water initiative is a realistic way to increase your brand awareness and help establish “top of mind awreness” for your business. Let us help you make a refreshing impression.

For years now, Liquid Promotions has been helping business owners of all sorts impress and refresh their customers. Based out of Atlanta Georgia, we work with community event organizers as well as business owners from Miami Florida to Minneapolis Minnesota and from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon to create beautiful custom made water bottle labels that go on elegant bottles to create a promotional product that effectively matches your brand. Call us today for a free consultation.



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