Brand Your Business With Labels For Water Bottles

custom labeled bottled water New Orleans Louisiana, water bottle labels Houston TexasIf you’re like most businesses across the South, your number one goal is brand awareness. Promotional bottled water is a great way to put your business directly in the face of your next customer.  The opportunity that water bottles labels have today offers a tremendous opportunity for marketing yourself or your company. With the help of Liquid Promotions, your brand or design can make a refreshing impression. Give Liquid Promotions a call and we will put your logo on our custom bottled water labels and increase your brand visibility. Our custom water bottles will get your brand noticed!

 The Best Labels For Water Bottles In The South

At Liquid Promotions, we put your design in the best light possible and give you a premium image. Our come in an unlimited number of colors and styles like 3-D. We go the extra mile to make sure your design is noticed. We are concerned with both the functionality as well the aesthetics of the labels for water bottles and the bottle itself. Our bottles have no ribbing—they water bottle labels Richmond Virginia, custom labeled bottled water Mobile Alabamaare completely smooth. Ribbing interferes with the presentation as well as the variations in size made available to the label and we want to make sure your logo bottle is unique  With a nice sleek smooth exterior, our bottles are designed to make your logo looks its best. To further this point, we make sure the caps on our custom labels for water bottles are translucent to make sure all the focus is directly on your brand. Lastly, we use only waterproof water bottle labels to ensure that your brand looks great when wet as well as dry. 

We at Liquid Promotions are concerned with the environment as well as being efficient. Our bottle water is biodegradable and are 100% recyclable. In fact our bottles are 15% post-consumer plastic. 

How Custom Water Bottle Labels Can Increase Your Brand

When it comes to getting your business name out there, there are a variety of methods. Some are effective for your industry, but when it comes to marketing, you typically only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. With radio and TV ads, you have anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds. With billboards, you have a few seconds or a little longer depending upon traffic, but do you know what has the longest exposure? Think about it. Putting your business logo on water bottle labels literally puts your brand in the face of your next customer for a considerable amount of time. Consider this:  the average person takes anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes to drink a bottle of water (sometimes longer!). When it comes to exposure, this amount of time is an eternity! personalized water bottles New Orleans Louisiana, water bottle labels Memphis Tennessee

water bottle labels Atlanta Georgia, personalized water bottles Memphis TennesseeWhen you hand out custom labeled bottled water at a conference or expo, everyone sees your logo. Often, other people ask, “Where did you get that bottled water?” which exposes your business to even more attention. It’s one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to get noticed.

Liquid Promotions provides customized water bottles to happy customers all across the South including Charlotte, Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanta. Give us a call and expand your brand with the refreshing touch of Liquid Promotions labels for water bottles. 





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