The Comparison Between Tap Water vs Bottled Water

custom labeled bottled water Atlanta, bottled water AtlantaLiquid Promotions Custom Labeled Bottled Water offers two types of high quality drinking water for its Private Label clients which doesn’t compare to the pollutants that are in Tap Water. 

Purified Drinking Water  – If cool crisp tasting water is what you like, then our popular Purified Drinking Water may be the ticket.  Our drinking water goes through a 10 stage purification and filtration process.  This process creates a perfect pure tasting drinking water.

Natural Spring Water – Liquid Promotions offers refreshing Natural Spring Water from a protected source in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia which makes customers in Atlanta or across the country only want more. .   This water goes through Mother Nature’s own slow filtering process as it flows through rock formations, sand and surfaces in a Natural Spring.  The result is refreshing crisp tasting water with a TDS of 17 parts per million and one of the purest spring water sources in the United States. It’s the best custom bottled water you there is!

So the comparison of Liquid Promotions Bottled Water Vs Tap Water means there is NO comparison. We offer quality drinking water that tastes great will satisfy your thirst!

Liquid Promotions works with all kinds of industries in and around the metro Atlanta area, but we have the ability to service clients in Macon, Savannah, Valdosta or anywhere in the country! From Birmingham to San Antonio to Orlando we can help you help you with all your customized water bottle labels.

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