Personalized Bottled Water as Effective Advertisement

May 12, 2015

Put Your Brand Directly In The Face Of Your Target Market

alabama water bottle label, water bottle label, alabama, birmingham, mobile, huntsville, montgomeryPersonalized water bottles take advertising to a whole new level. Everywhere you go nowadays, you’re constantly surrounded by advertisements. Some are blatant, while others barely catch your attention. This can begin to raise the question “What kinds of advertisements are the most effective?” And while there may be no definite answer to that, there are definitely certain factors that make an advertisement more likely to have a lasting effect. Three of those factors that we focus on at Liquid Promotions are proximity, duration, and product association.

When it comes to the effectiveness of an advertisement, proximity is of utmost importance. If an advertisement is too far away or out of your line of sight, you may not even notice it. Think about those ads on banners dragged behind planes. They often go unnoticed by many people simply because they are so high up that people either don’t notice them, or can’t read them at all. That is definitely not a problem with customized ads on water bottles from Liquid Promotions. Every time you take a sip, the unique ad is right in front of your face. It’s impossible to miss!

Now think about the duration of an advertisement. The average TV commercial lasts 30 seconds. When you drive past a billboard on the highway, you can see it for 10-20 seconds. Radio commercials last 15-30 seconds. How long does it take to drink a bottle of water? On average, it takes about 8-10 minutes. And throughout that entire time span, your custom printed ad is in the hands or even in the direct line of sight of whoever is drinking it. This drastic increase in exposure time, in addition to the fact that the ad is placed conveniently right on the bottle is certain to make custom water bottle advertising leave a longer-lasting impression on a person.

Advertisements can be printed on all sorts of things: cards, pens, stress balls, magnets, etc. How many of us have a drawer in our house full of cheap pens and other miscellaneous items that we never use? More often than not, people hand us these things, and we may use them once or twice, but most get lost or discarded without much notice. Water, however, is something everyone needs. These custom advertisements can be distributed without having to chase people down and ask them to take one. People will come to you. Simply hand out the water bottles, and people will inevitably notice the custom printed labels, and subsequently take mental note of your product.

These reasons are why custom printed water bottle labels are the perfect combination of advertising tactics. Having a unique advertisement on a useful product directly in front of you for an extended period of time is the perfect way to ensure that your product gets engrained in the mind of your target audience. So make your move today and boost your business using personalized bottled water labels from Liquid Promotions.


Liquid Promotions works with business owners across the nation to help with the number one marketing objective:  increase brand awareness. We do this by developing beautiful water bottle labels on elegant bottles. The visibility comes when your target market gets thirsty. They do the rest! Call today to discuss ways we can help you with your branding.

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