Personalized Bottled Water for Businesses in Huntsville, AL

Personalized Bottled Water Huntsville ALAround the world, water is a major commodity, and as with any commodity comes opportunity. At Liquid Promotions, we help our customers capitalize on the ubiquity of water and use it as a way to promote their businesses. In a world where TV, newspaper, radio, and billboard ads take up the predominant amount of marketing dollars, using water might sound unique, but it’s quite effective. After all, people of all ages drink water in a vast array of environments, so by putting your company name and information on personalized bottled water, you’ll have the opportunity to reach potential customers in any setting, including waiting rooms and lobbies, tradeshows, and community events.

Is Personalized Bottled Water Right for Your Company?

If you’re wondering whether personalized bottled water is the right marketing solution for your company in Huntsville, Alabama, the answer is a resounding yes. Our clients have used our products to promote a multitude of different companies, including:

  • Healthcare offices
  • Automobile shops
  • Funeral homes
  • Bed-and-breakfast establishments
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Real estate firms
  • Law firms
  • Apartment complexes
  • Country clubs
  • Churches
  • And many more

The reason why custom bottled water is successful is not just because of its versatility but because of its brand exposure. It takes the average person eight to 12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle—that’s significantly more than the 30 to 60 seconds that TV and radio ads often provide. This is valuable time that your customers will spend becoming familiar with your company name and information on the bottles.

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