Personalized Bullet Bottles

Nov 05, 2019

The Benefits of Personalized Bullet Bottles for Your Business

Personalized Bullet BottlesIf you’ve never used personalized bullet bottles to promote your business, you may be surprised to know that they offer more branding exposure than many other forms of advertising. For instance, TV and radio ads typically last between 30-60 seconds, while it typically takes someone 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle. That’s a significant amount of time for potential customers to become familiar with your company name and message on the label. A bonus? Personalized bottles are more affordable than the aforementioned marketing tools, so you’ll be investing in something that works for your business without breaking your budget.


Did you know that no other beverage in the world outsells water? That makes personalized bullet bottles the ideal marketing tool, as you can pass the water out to people of all ages, in all environments. Whether you want to give your bottles to potential customers at a tradeshow, in a waiting room, or as a refreshing takeaway, you will find no shortage of places to market your business.

Turn to Liquid Promotions

For the highest-quality personalized bullet bottles, turn to the trusted professionals at Liquid Promotions. Our bottles are durable and attractive, as they are made of heavy-gauge plastic and don’t have any unsightly ridges like traditional water bottles. Plus, we have unlimited color options and several unique styles for our labels, so you can get as creative as you want to be.

Contact Liquid Promotions today to learn more about our personalized bullet bottles and request samples of our work.

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