Personalized Water Bottles for Anyone

Nov 21, 2014

We’re Mixing Business With Pleasure

It is common for people to say “don’t mix business with pleasure”, but we are challenging the norm with our custom labeled bottled water. We believe that by placing your company’s label on a bottled water, people will enjoy the pleasure of drinking fresh spring water, while getting to know the business. It is a win-win for both you and the consumer. Not only that, but no one is just going to throw that bottle away. People are all about saving the environment, once you put that bottle into their hands they won’t throw it away until they’re finished with it. The longer they have it, the more chances they will look at it. And that means a higher chance of them seeking your business.

It’s Not All Business With Personalized Water Bottles

You don’t have to have a business to need personalized water bottles. Maybe you are coaching a football team and they have reached the championship game. They will be drinking water anyway, so why not reward them with something they can also keep as a sentiment. Or what about a birthday party? Lets say you are having a birthday party for your five-year-old son. Him and his friends are going to be running around like crazy, so they need to keep hydrated. You could have custom water bottles that have the date and how old your son is turning for the kids, and you could even put them in goodie bags. There are multiple sized water bottles to choose from, so the possibilities are endless.

Liquid Promotions Has it All

We have any type of label bottled water you may need for any situation. Whether it is 8oz or 1 liter bottles, we have it. And you can pick any type of labels you want. We even have 3D labels if you want to get a little crazy. Liquid Promotions has been working with small business owners for years helping them create eye-catching promotional bottled water. Call Liquid Promotions at 678-896-3749 today!

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