Personalized Water Bottles Over Coke

Oct 28, 2014

Buying soda for a party is something that has always been the solution when figuring out what beverages should be served. But why not try something that is healthier and makes a long lasting impression? Personalized water bottles are exactly what any person should have at their next event. Now I know you’re probably thinking that Coke is still the better option, but it’s not:

Water is Healthier

Surprise surprise…your body is over 70% and should be kept that way by staying hydrated, especially at events where there could be walking or playing around several hours at a time. Moreover, it does not contain the loads of sugar or chemicals found in Coke products. For example, the chemical aspartame is used as an artificial sweetener and has been known to cause cancer when tested on rats. That is insane, yet Coca-Cola has been trying to campaign it as a safe alternative. Water has only one ingredient…water.

Water is Cheaper

We already know that water is cheaper than Coke. But on top of that, custom water bottle labels are still cheaper than Coke. Coke costs around $1.49 a bottle for 12 oz. However, if you were to get personalized 12 oz bottles with standard 2″ labels it would only cost 0.99 cents a bottle. I’m sure you are thinking that you could just go out and buy 2 liter bottles that are cheaper. However, it’s STILL more expensive being between 1.29-1.59 a bottle.

Water is Eco-friendly

Not only does water itself not harm the environment (obviously), but the customized water bottles you hand out at your next event don’t either. Liquid Promotions water bottles are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Therefore, you can satisfy your consumer while satisfying the environment.


Liquid Promotions will help you get the personalized water bottles you need. They service a range of areas in Georgia from Lawrenceville to Marietta to Atlanta.

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