For most small to mid-sized businesses, the number one marketing goal is to establish brand awareness. Obviously, there are a variety of ways to do this, but consider this:  when you hand your potential customer personalized water bottles with your business logo on them, you’re literally putting your business in the face of your target market. TV and radio ads last 30-60 seconds, billboards usually last less (depending on traffic), but when you hand someone custom labeled bottled water, it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink the entire bottle. No other marketing vehicle gives you this much exposure.

The Look Of Our Customized Water Bottles

personalized water bottles Alexandria Virginia, personalized water bottles Nashville TennesseeIf you’re looking for elegance in your branding, our bottle is one of the distinguishing factors between Liquid Promotions and its competition. We use a smooth, modern, streamlined proprietary bottle.  There are no ribs to cheapen the look and this also allows us to be more flexible with the type and size label that can be applied.  A ribbed bottle typically has a paper-laminated label that is limited in size, looks like every other water bottle in the grocery store. The label often comes right off in an ice chest which never looks good.  Additionally ribbed bottles not support ultra clear, oversized or 3-D labels very well. Our custom water bottles provide the flexibility to increase your advertising space while ribbed custom bottled water has a limited area to display your brand. A Liquid Promotions bottle provides a classy look and in itself, portrays quality even before the water bottle labels are added.  The bottle is a difference maker in the quest to portray excellence with your image or vision.


Custom Water Bottles Columbia South Carolina, personalized water bottles Charlotte North CarolinaMany people think the cap isn’t important, yet it is.  Besides keeping the water in the bottle it is part of image.  The goal will be to draw a person’s eye to the label.  We want them to see the “billboard”.  We use a translucent 3-turn cap instead of a white cap because the white cap draws attention away from the water bottle labels.  We want the eyes focused on the water bottle and images.


We’re headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and have clients throughout the United states including Houston, Texas, Mobile, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee. Liquid Promotions is dedicated to efficiency but not at the expense of being environmentally responsible and uses PET bottles that are 100% recyclable.  Additionally our caps water bottle labels Charlotte North Carolina, water bottle labels Alexandria Virginiaare 100% recyclable.  Our bottles are produced in part with post consumer plastics.

  • Alternative Energies
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Bottles made from 15% post consumer plastics
  • Biodegradable Bottles

Whether you need to increase your brand awareness in all aspects of your marketing or you just want to get noticed an your next big conference, When you want to make an incredible first impression, go with an elegant promotional product like our customized water bottles. Your clients will be glad you did.

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