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Promotional Bottled Water & Brand Awareness:  Here Comes The Data

Dec 01, 2014

promotional bottled water Atlanta, custom labeled bottle water Atlanta, water bottle labels AtlantaRegardless of whether you are a marketing director for a Fortune 500 firm or just a small business owner, you understand that the number one marketing goal for business is brand awareness. Promotional bottled water can help you with that goal in a number of effective ways. We thought you’d like to see some data to help understand how promotional products can play an integral part of your marketing.

  • When it comes to marketing 35% of companies say that brand awareness is their primary goal.
  • 28% say it’s their top social media goal and half of mobile advertisers claim brand awareness as their primary goal
  • Nearly 80% of companies are working on increasing their branded content

Why increase branded content? Simple.  It helps establish or maintain “top of mind awareness” in the minds of consumers. Business owners feel that putting our more branded content helps achieve this and helps break through the marketing noise. Also, most companies feel the long term impact of advertising far outweighs the short term gains.

It’s no secret that promotional products help spread the word of the brand. People love getting free stuff and most don’t mind if it’s branded in some manner. In fact, one study revealed that slightly more than 80% of Americans loved getting promotional products with advertising messages on them and half wanted more! Nearly 70% picked up promotional items that they found useful or practical. This includes promotional bottled water. When you develop a custom water bottle label and give these out at a trade show, community event or even in your waiting room, it puts your logo in the hands of your potential customers for an extended period of time.

When you consider the cost of a 30 second TV commercial or radio spot, putting your logo on custom labeled bottled water is extremely cost effective and efficient. The average person takes up to 8 minutes to drink a bottle of water. This means your business has considerable “face time” which is invaluable when it comes to branding.

Interestingly enough, promotional products do appear to have high recall value. In one study looking at promotional calendars, the data showed:

  • 77% of respondents recalled the name of the business  on their promotional calendar
  • 78% said they planned on doing business with that company again
  • 76% said they viewed that calendar more than 10 times a day
  • 41% of respondents said they had referred the name of that company to someone else

With numbers like that with calendars, it’s inspiring to think about the recall data possible with promotional bottled water. It meets a basic human need and breaks through the marketing noise. Make a refreshing impression with custom water bottle labels.

Liquid Promotions has been working with business owners to increase their brand awareness by putting their logo on elegant custom water bottle labels. Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, we work with businesses from Miami Florida to Minneapolis Minnesota and from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. Call Today!

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