Promotional Bottled Water Can Increase Your Brand

Oct 20, 2014

Promotional bottled water Atlanta, promotional bottled water Birmingham Alabama, promotional bottled water Orlando FloridaThe challenge of every business is to establish “top of mind” awareness, and promotional bottled water can help achieve this. As with all marketing efforts, you can’t attract prospects without getting the attention of your target market. In the early days of marketing, traditional means were the norm- radio, TV & newspaper. These approaches were the most effective, but marketing has changed in the past 10 years. Now, effective marketing means business owners need to take a multi-touch approach. Getting in front of your audience has be done through digital marketing as well as putting something in someone’s hands. It’s all about brand awareness.

How do you establish brand awareness? Most companies are now consistently using giveaways and freebies as part of their strategy for marketing and brand promotion. Putting your business logo is a great way of branding what you do and putting that directly in the hands of your potential customers. Promotional bottled water is a great way to promote your brand and many fortune 500 companies feel this approach is quite an effective way to carry the company message to buyers.

One reason business owners find promotional bottled water effective is that this marketing approach meets a significant physical need for the target market. We all need water to live, so meeting this need resonates with your prospect on a deeper psychological level. Also, television commercials or radio ad last 30 seconds to a minute, but it takes 8-10 minutes for most people to casually drink a bottle of water and if the water bottle label has your business information on it, that’s a lot of face time in front of prospects.

Using labeled water bottles for brand promotion is not very expensive, and you will not have to spend much for a campaign. If you own a company then consider using this marketing strategy. You will surely be able to attain fruitful results with this approach to branding. There are a myriad of ways to use promotional bottled water such as offering them in your waiting room, handing them out for 5k runs (or more), charity events, etc.- anywhere people are gathered. Everyone wants to feel refreshed, and promotional bottled water is a great way to make a refreshing impression.


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