Promotional Bottled Water for Business Owners in Huntsville, AL

Promotional Bottled Water Huntsville ALAs a business owner, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about how you can successfully create more brand awareness for your company in Huntsville, Alabama. At Liquid Promotions, we offer a product that will allow you to do just that in a way that is both affordable and effective: promotional bottled water.

How It Works

By putting your company name and pertinent information on labels that are then placed onto water bottles, you will be able to reach an audience of all ages, in virtually any environment. Whether you want to pass your promotional bottled water out to customers in a lobby, waiting room, trade show, or another community event, you can do so in a way that customers will actually appreciate. While drinking their refreshing beverage, they will be able to see your information on the bottle label, and since it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, they’ll have plenty of time to commit your business information to memory! In fact, our custom labelled bottled water provides far more brand exposure than more costly marketing tools, such as radio and TV ads.

Furthermore, we offer the highest quality promotional bottled water in the industry. Our bottles are sleek and streamlined, since they aren’t riddled with unsightly ridges like traditional water bottles. Plus, our labels are available in an unlimited array of colors and several stunning styles, including our popular Ultra Clear 3-D (Sandwich Print) labels, which create a layered 3D effect.

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