Promotional Bottled Water for Business Owners in the Richmond, VA, Area

Promotional Bottled Water Richmond VAMany business owners in the Richmond, Virginia, area are choosing to increase their brand awareness using promotional bottled water, and there are many compelling reasons why. For instance, did you know that there is no beverage in the world that outsells bottled water? That makes it a marketing avenue ripe with opportunity, and at Liquid Promotions, we know just how to take advantage of this unique advertising tool. For less per bottle than you would spend out of a vending machine, we can provide you with promotional bottled water that offers more branding exposure than virtually any marketing vehicle. That’s because unlike TV, radio ads, and billboards, which provide limited exposure, it takes the average person eight to 12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle, which is plenty of time to become familiar with your business and the products/services you offer.

Why Liquid Promotions is the Answer

When you turn to Liquid Promotions for our promotional bottled water, you can trust that you’ll receive a product that conveys quality and attention to detail that our competition simply can’t match. That’s because we have the best:

  • Labels – Our labels are available in virtually unlimited color options, so you can rest assured they’ll be as eye-catching as possible. We also offer our labels in several different styles, including our Ultra Clear label, which makes the logo look like it has been printed directly on the bottle.
  • Bottles – Unlike traditional water bottles, our receptacles have absolutely no ridges, creating a clean, streamlined silhouette that not only looks better, but allows for larger labels.
  • Water – We get our water from the highest quality protected sources and ensure that it goes through a rigorous purification process, because safety is our foremost priority.

To learn more about our promotional bottled water, contact Liquid Promotions today. We are proud to serve business owners in the Richmond, VA, area.

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