Top 3 Reasons Promotional Water Bottle Labels Are A Powerful Marketing Tool

Sep 07, 2014

personalized bottled water Atlanta, personalized bottled water GeorgiaTop 3 Reasons Promotional Water Bottle Labels Are A Powerful Marketing Tool

The average person gets bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day- we wanted to take the time to help beleaguered marketing professionals better understand why promotional water bottle labels can help them maintain the holy grail of marketing- top of mind awareness.

So, what’s important to break through all the noise? First, you have to provide good service or an excellent product. Without that, a business has to rely upon one time users which isn’t a sustainable business model for long. Next, you have to get in front of your target market. With all the technology and noise out there, that’s the hard part. Here are our ideas of why promotional water bottle labels work for marketing these days:

#1 Promotional Water Bottle Labels Meet A Specific Need

Water. Food. Shelter. These are the basic human needs. Without those, you die. In fact, we can only go a few days without water, so when you hand your prospects or customers a bottle of cool, fresh spring water with your promotional water bottle label on it, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you are actively meeting the basic human needs of your customers. On a subconscious level, they understand this and appreciate it. They remember you for it and don’t even understand why. A connection has begun. It’s up to you how you manage it.

#2 Promotional Water Bottle Labels Put Your Customers Eyes On Your Business

These days, we are all in a rush. The challenge of every marketing professional is, “How do I get my message in front of my target market?” It’s not always easy in a world that is developing technology to eliminate or reduce the messages we’re exposed to. Tivo, Sirius radio, etc. While traditional marketing methods rely upon the prospect coming in contact with the message, putting your business logo on a promotional water bottle label puts the logo and message directly in the hands of prospects. That leaves a more powerful impression.

#3 Promotional Water Bottle Labels Have a Longer Exposure

TV commercials last 30-60 seconds and are gone. With Tivo and other technology out there, that’s not even a certainty. The visibility of a billboard ad relies upon how fast you’re driving. Print ads depend upon how fast you turn the page (research shows about 3 seconds), but when you hand someone a bottle of water with your water bottle label on it, the exposure is the length of time it takes the person to drink the water. That’s usually anywhere between 3-20 minutes. Clearly, that length of exposure makes putting your logo on a promotional water bottle label worth it. Plus, other marketing avenues depend upon your prospect finding the message whereas with promotional water bottle labels, you’re actually handing your message directly to the prospect.

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