Top 3 Ways That Custom Water Bottle Labels Can Bring You More Business

Jun 13, 2014

custom bottle water labels Birmingham Alabama, custom water bottle labelsBranding your business is constant issue in marketing- putting your business logo on custom water bottle labels can actually help you reach your marketing goals more effectively.

We all know that it’s more difficult these days than ever to break through the noise and chaos of the day to reach your target market. The average person is exposed to anywhere from 200-3000 advertisements a day which means we all have to develop defenses to protect ourselves psychologically. Breaking through those walls is the challenge of every marketer, and it’s important to use every tool available that fits the tone of your brand.  So, how does a business achieve “top of mind” awareness with their target market?

Not so simple. But, there is more to it than simple repetition (although that is helpful certainly). Repetition is great until a business passes the point of annoyance. One of the ways we suggest staying in the minds of your customers is to provide them with something they need beyond the scope of your actual services. This means meeting their needs before they realize they have those needs as well as providing your core business services to the point of excellence.

Picture this:  it’s a hot day in Birmingham, Alabama. A customer is sitting in your waiting room after driving here in a car that doesn’t have a working air conditioner. He’s sweating when he comes in to talk to you about your business. You reach over and hand him a cool, refreshing bottle of water with your custom bottle water label on it. It’s your water and your brand to the customer. You’ve just met two needs in one. He’s more likely to remember you for that.

Or, there’s always the community event- a fun run or activity where people are running around, hot and sweaty. If you are the one there with your custom label bottle water, you’ll make a refreshing impression. When they need what you do, who do you think they’ll think about?

Main reasons to consider putting your business logo on a custom water bottle label:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Meet multiple needs
  3. Extend your marketing reach


Liquid Promotions is an Atlanta based company that helps business owners extend their marketing reach by putting custom water bottle labels on elegant water bottles to extend the marketing reach of the business and achieve “top of mind awareness”. Call 678.896.3749 for custom water bottle labels for your business.

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