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water bottle labels new orleans louisiana, water bottle labels shreveport louisianaFor more than 5 years now, Liquid Promotions has been making custom water bottle labels for various businesses. We’re based out of Atlanta, and we provide custom labels to companies across the country. We have clients promoting their business throughout the southern states. We can help you market your Louisiana  business in a way that satisfies your customers on many different levels. Our branded bottled water turns heads!

There you are at company event. Everyone is socializing and having a great time. Some are also holding sharp looking bottles of cool refreshing water. Once the bottle is lifted to their lips your eye is caught by something else: the water bottle label with the company’s logo upon it. The logo pops off of the bottle and imprints itself into your mind as a symbol of quality and professionalism. This is what Liquid Promotions can provide you with—water bottle labels that will make your wildest brand visibility dreams come true.

TV ads last 30-60 seconds, print ads last a few seconds, billboards last less than 10 seconds, but the average person takes 10-12 minutes to drink a bottle of water. That’s why promotional bottled water or custom water bottles give your business more of an opportunity to break through the noise.

With Liquid Promotions you get the best in quality, affordability and functionality when it comes to your personalized water bottles. We provide the highest quality waterproof labels that come in many different sizes as well as unlimited colors and even 3-D labels. Our bottles are all smooth without any ribbing as well. How is this a benefit to you? In addition to not being very aesthetically pleasing, ribbing limits your ability with label size as well. That is why we provide you with a sleek design capable of handling any label and still look attractive. Sitting atop our bottles is a cap that we make translucent to make sure all attention is kept lower down upon you logo.

Finally, Liquid Promotions bottles are made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable—the bottles we use are themselves 15% post-consumer plastic. Plus, we use waterproof labels so your logo looks good even wet- no peeling!

From New Orleans to Baton Rouge and Shreveport to Lafayette Louisiana, Liquid Promotions has you and your bottle covered with the highest quality water bottle labels that will give your brand a refreshing impression. Give us a call and let’s make your water bottles a billboard for your logo!

water bottle labels New Orleans Louisiana, water bottle labels Baton Rouge Louisiana

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