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water bottle labels Nashville Tennessee, personalized water bottles Nashville TennesseeWhether it’s a hot summer night in Nashville or just another way to provide refreshment to someone in your waiting room, when you offer someone a bottle of water with water bottle labels promoting your business, it’s literally a way to put your logo in the face of potential customers. Since the number one goal of most business owners is to establish brand awareness, it’s important to find ways to break through all the noise. Giving away personalized water bottles is a great way to market what you do. Our branded bottled water turns heads!water bottle labels Nashville Tennessee, personalized water bottles Nashville Tennessee

But, it’s important that your logo looks good. That’s why we go the extra mile with our custom water bottles. We have a variety of shapes and sizes  along with a variety of water bottle labels. The translucent cap ensures that all the attention is on your label. Some promotional bottled water companies use ribbed bottles, but we only use smooth bottles so that your logo looks best, and we use waterproof labels rather than paper labels that peel and sag when they get wet. Finally, 0ur bottles are biodegradable and recyclable. In fact, 15% of our bottle is made from post consumer plastic.

Our goal is to provide an elegant marketing solution. TV commercials last 30-60 seconds. Billboards last even less. Mailers often get trashed completely, but when you hand someone a custom labeled bottled water, you’re making a refreshing impression. You’re meeting the needs of your prospect as well as putting your logo right into their hands. With all the different types of water bottle labels, you can give them a simple impression or go 3-D! Take some time to browse our different promotional bottled water sizes and label types. We have a variety of ways to brand your thirst.

Promotional bottled water Nashville Tennessee, water bottle labels Nashville TennesseeThe average person takes about 8-10 minutes to drink a 12 oz bottle of water. Using custom logos increases visibility. There are very few marketing tools that have that much effect for their target market. You’re putting your brand in front of people indiscreetly. On top of that, there’s something about having your business brand visible when you meet a basic need of your customers.

If your business is located in Nashville, Liquid Promotions is ready to help you hydrate your clients with your brand with the top custom water bottles in the country.

Liquid Promotions bottles are made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable—the bottles we use are themselves 15% post-consumer plastic.

personalized water bottles Nashville Tennessee, water bottle labels Nashville Tennessee

Call today and let Liquid Promotions help your business look its best with custom water bottle labels. For information about the best Water Bottle Labels In Baton Rouge

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