water bottle labels memphis Tennessee, water bottle labels Nashville TennesseePut On A Marketing Show By Putting Your Brand On Our Water Bottle Labels

Water bottles are present everywhere, whether it be a casual location or a formal event. When someone sees that bottled water, they can notice the typical design and company or they can be attracted by a sleek design with a mesmerizing logo. That logo can be your logo. Our goal at Liquid Promotions is to deploy bottled water as an advertisement tool; what better way to gain recognition than to invest in a product that is everywhere?

Whether handing out promotional bottled water at a trade show or just refreshing your guests in your waiting room, our custom labeled bottled water delivers the right message to the right people. Our branded bottled water turns heads!

Liquid Promotions utilizes a unique design which allows for increased water bottle label space and greater appeal. The bottle was designed to have no ribs so that it would be more aesthetically appealing and to hold a larger label, unlike the typical bottled water purchased from a store. Not only that, but most labels wrinkle and peel when wet while our bottle labels are completely waterproof. Our services also print water bottle labels in 3-D, high definition quality because the utmost importance is how your company is represented. The water bottle size can also be customized to fit your needs.

promotional bottled water Knoxville Tennessee, water bottle labels Nashville TennesseeOur water bottles are made using 100% eco-friendly content. The water bottle label is made using recyclable materials and the bottle is made using biodegradable materials and 15% post-consumer plastics.  Even the manufacturing process is done using alternative energy sources so as not to harm the environment.

At Liquid Promotions, Tennessee’s water bottle marketing needs are of utmost importance to us. Regardless if you are in Knoxville or Nashville or Memphis, Liquid Promotions can help you with all of your custom water bottle label needs. So please give us a call and we will take your branding to the next level! Check out our pricing for promotional bottled water on our pricing page then give us a call.

personalized water bottles Memphis Tennessee, water bottle labels Memphis Tennessee

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