Water Bottle Labels for Business Owners in the Philadelphia, PA, Area

Water Bottle Labels Philadelphia PADid you know that it takes the average person 8-12 minutes to drink an entire water bottle? That is more branding exposure than many other marketing tools, including TV, radio, and billboard ads, which can cost several thousands of dollars and only last about thirty seconds. At Liquid Promotions, we can provide you with custom water bottle labels that work effectively to attract more potential customers to your business in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area and cost less per bottle than you would pay out of a vending machine. Whether you own a real estate firm, design firm, automobile shop, healthcare office, or school (just to name a few), we can provide you with stunning custom water bottle labels that will catch the eye of your clientele and create more awareness of your brand.

A Unique & Safe Product

When you turn to us for custom water bottle labels, you will quickly see for yourself why we stand apart from the competition. Our labels are available in virtually unlimited color options, so you can prominently display your name and image on the label in a way that is as unique as it is vibrant. We also offer our labels in different styles, including our ever popular Ultra Clear Sandwich Print Label, which creates a 3D layered effect that allows you to see the image through the water. Furthermore, our bottles are absent of unsightly ridges, so there is a larger space on the bottle for your label to be displayed.

In addition to providing bottles with beautiful labels and smooth, streamlined silhouettes, we also provide water that is completely safe for your customers to drink. Our water:

  • Comes from the highest quality, protected sources
  • Is governed by the FDA and the Georgia Department of Agriculture
  • Goes through a rigorous purification process and strict quality control measures

To learn more about our water bottle labels, or to request a sample to your home or business in the Philadelphia, PA, area, contact Liquid Promotions today.

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