water bottle labels Dallas Texas, promotional bottled water New OrleansSure, everyone knows it’s hot in the South most of the year. That’s why when your customers come in looking like they’re melting, it’s always nice to make them feel better by handing them a nice bottle of promotional bottled water with your logo right on the label. Our water bottle labels turns heads!

For more than 5 years now, Liquid Promotions has been making custom water bottle labels for businesses all around the country. We can help you market your business in a way that meets the needs of your customers on many different levels. Think of handing someone a bottle of refreshing spring water as a “liquid business card”.

Some people ask, “How does handing someone custom labeled bottled water help promote my business?” Simple. Marketing is all about brand awareness. The life span of a billboard is a few seconds, a TV commercial 60 seconds, but when you hand someone promotional bottled water, they see your business logo for the duration of the time they carry that bottle around with them. Did you realize, some people refill them over and over again. That’s more exposure for your business! You are literally putting your logo right in people’s faces as you meet one of the most basic human needs- hydration.

water bottle labels Jackson Mississippi, water bottle labels Dallas TexasAt Liquid Promotions, we provide the best in quality, affordability and elegance when it comes to your personalized water bottle labels. Some bottlers use paper labels which peel and look terrible when they get wet while we use waterproof labels to protect the look and feel of your brand. Plus, we have a variety of different bottle sizes and water bottle labels available to match the branding of your business. We even have 3-D labels that are simply elegant! Our custom bottled water looks great on the golf course, your waiting room, trade shows or wherever!

Finally, Liquid Promotions bottles are made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) making them 100% recyclable and biodegradable—the bottles we use are themselves 15% post-consumer plastic.

Wherever you work in the south, we will help you market your business in the most professional way possible with an elegant marketing vehicle. Help your clients or prospects turn down the heat and get cool with your business by handing them customized water bottles.

Let Liquid Promotions help your business look its best with custom water bottle labels. Check out our pricing for promotional bottled water on our pricing page, then give us a call. Brand Your Thirst. Call today!

personalized water bottles Birmingham Alabama, water proof labels Birmingham Alabama

Located in Atlanta Georgia, we provide personalized water bottles for clients from all around the South including Savannah, Mobile Alabama, Gulport Mississippi and even Charlotte North Carolina!

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